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Stand Alone Lead Stands (Aust) established in 2008, is the name of a patented lead stand design that provides a superior application method, durability and visibility. It is a major supplier to the construction industry and is currently being used within the commercial, industrial, civil and residential sectors.

The inventor and owner Mr Zeljko Ostaric, after working in the construction industry for over 40 years saw the necessity to develop a new cost-effective electrical lead stand that complies with Occupation Health and Safety but was not cumbersome or had to rely on weights to hold it down.

Mr Zeljko Ostaric developed and patented Stand Alone electrical lead stands which differs from other products, as it doesn’t rely on tools or other materials to weigh it down and make it stable.

Stand Alone lead stands main advantage is its three attachment methods:

  1. Over a starter bar/reinforcement
  2. Over a Star Peg
  3. Using a base fixed to plywood/concrete.

The Stand Alone electrical lead stands are essential during the structural stage of construction. For example, with the placement of reinforcement and concrete, the unit can be left in position while concrete is being poured, reo-tied and post tension being applied.

electrical lead stand on base

“Stability and installation are paramount to work safety and this is what makes Stand Alone electrical lead stands unique when comparing to similar products. Many other lead stands can become unstable when placed in position.”

Mr Zejlko Ostaric

The inventor and owner - Stand Alone Lead Stands (Aust)

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